Making our courses interesting

Experience has shown us that the more local, relevant, friendly, accessible or interesting our course venues are, the more likely people will attend. Not only will they attend, they will also get good outcomes.

Young Carers

We have been delivering courses for young carers in West Cheshire for a number of years. These groups range in ages of between 10-16 and really do need support. These young people are carers for parents, siblings, grandparents and have the emotional and physical strain that being a carer brings. At the same time, they are trying to navigate their way through puberty, school and develop a social life.

Our carers courses educate and support them. The courses:

  1. Help them to set goals and realistic actions
  2. Teach them to take time for their own lives
  3. Educate them about healthy eating and looking after themselves
  4. Introduce them to other young people in similar situations

For more information about our young carers courses please contact us.