Priorities for the new Government

National Voices published priority actions for the new government this week.

It outlines the need for health and care services which put people first, helping people be partners in decisions about their health and care, and making better use of the resources in communities and the voluntary sector.

Members of National Voices inputted into the document before its release.

The publication highlights 3 priorities:

  1. Deliver a new approach to health and care funding
  2. Create a health and care system that gives people voice and control
  3. Make health and care a priority in Brexit negotiations

People and Communities to have more say

We welcome this document and embrace the call for people and communities to have more say in their health and care.
Self management uk believes in the impact on and contribution to the health system by the voluntary sector. As a charity using peer-support, we concur with National Voices that the health economy needs to recruit a community-based workforce.

For more information on National Voices, visit their website.

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