Our results - X-Pert Diabetes Courses

Improving the ability of patients with long-term conditions to self-manage, address modifiable risk factors and adhere to clinical care protocols such as the appropriate use of prescribed medication, has been shown to improve their wellbeing and reduce the costs to health and social care systems. There is strong evidence that people living with long-term conditions are able to better self-care if they are provided with appropriate guidance, are motivated and have access to relevant support.

We have 15 years’ experience of delivering structured education to people with one or more long-term condition, including Diabetes.

Recent results from a contract in North West Surrey show:

  • Average weight decrease of 6.95 kg recorded for 37 people (against an average of 3.3kg for all X-pert Diabetes services nationally)

  • Average reduction of 17.4 in mmol/mol

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