15 million people

That's nearly 1 in 4 people in the UK who have at least 1 long-term condition. In some of the areas in the UK where we have been commissioned, the number of people with 2 or more conditions can be as much as 20% of the local population. Our work helps to reduce the risk of the development of further conditions in people with an existing long-term condition.

Our support and courses educate people on how to look manage their condition better and consider:

  • healthy eating
  • exercise
  • good adherence to prescribed medication
  • how to communicate better with their healthcare team, their family and friends
  • which service to go to for support
  • how to deal with stress and anxiety and manage their mental health better

Knowledge, Skills and Confidence

Self-management is about improving the knowledge, skills and confidence a person has to better manage their own health. These 3 factors are addressed on our courses and are not dependant on a person having a certain health condition.

Improving peoples knowledge, skills and confidence and encouraging behaviour change in their approach to managing their health has been proven to lead to:

  • more effective use of health and social care services
  • better medicines adherence
  • less unplanned A&E visits
  • fewer GP appointments

For a detailed view, see our evidence section.