2017 is our 15th year

We were founded in 2002 when the Department of Health recognised that the best outcome for both patients and the health system is to help those with long-term health conditions actively manage their health.  So the DoH funded the introduction of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme (developed by Stanford University in California) under the name ‘Expert Patients Programme’ in the UK. This gave people access to free courses designed to support them in improving the day to day management of their long-term health conditions. 

In 2007, the Expert Patients Programme Community Interest Company (EPP CIC) was formed to continue the development of self-management education.

By 2012, EPP CIC had vastly exceeded the original target having led the delivery of over 120,000 course places and trained 1,700 people as tutors. 


Self management uk becomes a Charity

In 2014, self management uk was launched as a charity to better promote the needs of people with long-term conditions and carers by increasing the focus on their own involvement across all aspects of their long-term condition health provision.

Self management uk continues to be the leader for self-management and self-care support and education in the UK.

We want the existing 15 million+ people in the UK with a long-term health condition to be understood, empowered and supported

Our aims are:

  • To help those living with long-term conditions and carers to better manage their condition and improve their health and wellbeing
  • To ensure the support we provide is the right support, at the right time and in the right place
  • To engage healthcare professionals and commissioners to deliver and promote self-management and self-care
  • To promote self-management among opinion leaders, policy makers and the government
  • To develop innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver self-management interventions to meet commissioners’ budgets and local health population needs

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