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We are in the process of being accredited by Insignia Health to be one of 2 Independent Consultant Companies approved to deliver training to Healthcare professionals on the Patient Activation Measure survey.

Commendation in the Wessex Shine Awards 2016 - Excellence in Education and Training for the NHS

For the second year running, self management uk has been Commended in the Health Education England, Wessex Shine Awards 2016. This year in the category of “Hearing the Patient Voice in Education and Training”.

The Shine Awards recognises excellence in education and training for the NHS. The category of “Hearing the Patient Voice in Education and Training” looks at people and teams who have improved the impact of education and training due to patients, service users or carers being involved in the design and delivery of education and training.

self management uk developed the Programme as a result of a pilot project working in partnership with Health Education England (Wessex). The programme focuses primarily on students who are following learning paths that will bring them into contact with people living with long-term health conditions, and their carers.

In 2015/16 we developed and delivered a Carers Awareness session to student nurses to illustrate what day-to-day life is like if you have caring responsibilities.  The session aim was to highlight the impact that caring has on a carer’s life, the strategies that carers use to help manage this and the support that healthcare professionals can provide to carers in their role. 

We developed the session in consultation with volunteers who have experience of caring for others, or have received support from carers at some point.  The session itself is an interactive lecture where we ask students to put themselves in the shoes of a carer and to explore their feelings around this. We also asked the students to consider what they could do in their roles to better support carers in the future.

The feedback has been excellent:

This was very enlightening; I wish we had more lectures like this

Keep doing what you are doing, we loved you!


The personal stories our volunteers use help to bring the sessions alive and really resonate with students. One of the positive outcomes is that through reflection, students have changed their working practices as a result of attending the sessions. 

All sessions are evaluated by the students and feedback captured including how the sessions could be improved and this information is used to further improve the programme.

For more information, visit the Health Education England website,