What is a long-term condition?

A long-term condition is any health problem which you will live with for the rest of your life and includes:
diabetes, asthma, arthritis, lung conditions, heart conditions, chronic pain, anxiety, schizophrenia......
Learning to self-manage means your condition should affect your life LESS.

Why self-manage?

On average, people living with a health condition spend just 3 hours per year with their health care team; the rest of the time they are managing day to day life with that condition or their own – or caring for themselves and self-managing.

Self management uk educates you in the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to improve your wellbeing. Self-management does not mean doing it alone. We help you make informed choices about what services and support you want and need and how to work in partnership with your healthcare professionals.

Self-management encourages you to:

  • find out more about your condition
  • learn new skills and tools to help you manage your health
  • work better, and in partnership, with your healthcare professionals
  • take charge of your health care and choose what is right for you
  • get support from other people in a similar situation to you

Self-management is a key enabler to self-care.

Self-management is suitable no matter your long-term health condition (s); asthma, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, chronic pain, and more.

 To find out more, view this leaflet, People with long-term conditions.