There are several ways to measure the impact of self-management and self-care.

A valuable way is to hear and understand the impact self-management education has on people who have attended our courses. The impact on their quality of life is inspirational.

Here are some of previous course participant stories. We have anonymised their stories.

I know without the group I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. Once I had the strength to get back to work I still struggled getting out of the car, walking, going anywhere else but knowing I had people who understood I kept going.

I look back and remember my first day walking in and breaking down in tears; a) because I’d walked from the car, just a few steps; b) because I was in a room full of strangers and c) because why was I, a fit and healthy Mum in my 40’s reduced to having to attend something like this. 

Well now it’s clear, I see that first day was the best decision I ever made on my recovery journey, those steps became easier, those strangers are now my friends and as a Mum of four I am proud to have come so far and achieved this with a room full of people who made it possible. I have made friends for life and even though it’s difficult to attend the groups now that I am back working full time, I still feel I have it there to turn to when times are difficult or during holidays.

Self Management UK played a huge part in getting me out of the house and for me being able to work again and function with everyday challenges.

I really thank my doctors for putting me in touch and for the group leaders for changing my life for ever and making me feel human again, telling me that every time I put one foot in front of the other I have achieved something massive. I also know that on the days I can’t, then I can’t and it’s as simple as that. My biggest lesson I take away is not to beat myself up.

Fabulous facilitators - professional, empathetic, inclusive with good presentation skills. They ensured everyone felt valued and genuinely seemed to care about what they were doing with the group

Wasn’t sure about the course before attending but really enjoyed it. Like the fact that staff understand how we feel, as they are in the same position (i.e. not just learnt from a textbook). Good group of people and relaxed atmosphere.

Diagnosed 20 years ago and have learnt so much on this course. Now on a low carb diet and have lost 6kgs over the 6 week period

This course is the best medication that the NHS have offered. Educating is the best way to prevent