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self management uk is...the only credible provider: A former NHS and now not-for-profit organisation; Strongly endorsed by the NHS; A strong track record of successful delivery of generic long-term condition patient education programmes

A London CCG Commissioner

Our products and services address the health policies and programmes implemented by NHS England and Public Health.

We can support you with policies such as Commissioning for Value; Diabetes Prevention Programmes and Mental & Physical health parity work. In addition, our ethos of using local volunteers and peer training helps to create sustainable communities. Alongside this we have experience of operating as a gateway organisation, signposting course participants to local health providers such as smoking cessation and weight loss services.

Commissioners Testimonials

People at the centre of their care

We are rolling out our unique use of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) evaluation tool where we triage participants to appropriate self-management interventions based on their level of activation. This approach places people at the centre of their care by providing appropriate tailored self-management programmes to meet individual needs and social circumstance, while evaluating the impact on health outcomes, activation levels, patient experience and associated cost efficiencies and savings made to local health economies.

The latest Statutory Guidance for CCGs and the NHS on "Involving people in their own care" and the Health Foundation report on "Helping people to help themselves" gives more evidence on this topic.

Our courses are suitable for a wide range of individuals from people with long-term conditions, including hard-to-reach populations to young Carers and trainee healthcare professionals.

Nationwide Capability

We work across England with different populations to deliver the outcomes that are important to your health economy.

Information Governance and GDPR

Health records are confidential. They should be shared only on a need-to-know basis.

Our Information Governance (IG) level 2 allows us to receive and process patient data securely and with the confidence of our partners. 

At its heart, Information Governance is about setting a high standard for the handling of information and giving organisations the tools to achieve that standard. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate that an organisation can be trusted to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information, by helping individuals to practice good information governance and to be consistent in the way they handle personal and corporate information. As an organisation handling sensitive personal information we were the first in our industry to obtain IG compliance and embed it within our core beliefs.

To achieve this Self Management UK undertook a programme of internal assessments of practices and procedures with the assistance of the whole staff team. The training undertaken was tailored to the amount of Service user data that an individual handles in the course of their job role. Then we undertook a company-wide training programme for every member of staff to complete which involved online e-learning courses and post training surveys to ensure that the training had been absorbed, implemented and retained. Lastly, we updated and modified internal procedures, processes, policies and induction programs to ensure that we maintain the highest level of data handling through everything we do.

The result of this work has ensured that we achieved and maintained high ratings of levels 2 and 3 each year since we started the programme in 2012 and have seen numerous benefits from this when working with NHS organisations across the country.

To see our 2016 compliance report, click here and enter our organisation code 8HN97 into the "look for" field. 

For the 2017 compliance report, click here.

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