A joined-up approach to care

People with long-term conditions spend on average 4 hours per year with their healthcare team. We can make this time more efficient and relevant by training healthcare professionals on the challenges people with a health condition face and how they can better support them. In our experience, people want joined-up healthcare and to work with healthcare professionals who have a good understanding of and empathy with their situation.  

The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Survey

NHS England has recommended the use of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) evaluation tool as a way of understanding how activated people are in their own health. Understanding how activated a person is in their health can shape and tailor the support and care they need. The PAM survey was developed by Insignia Health.

Self Management UK is the leading provider of self-management education to patients and carers. For 16 years we have been supporting people with long-term conditions and those who are Carers.

Our healthcare professional training has been approved by the licence holders of the PAM survey and we are an independent consultant training provider for Insignia Health in the UK.

Our training

The training programme is an interactive 3-hour long session for up to 28 healthcare professionals and is delivered by peer tutors. The tutors either have a long-term condition or care for a person who does. The syllabus covers:

  • PAM survey, history and how to administer
  • The PAM levels and scores and how to read them
  • How to coach for patient activation
  • Assisting people to set realistic goals and action plans

Training can be held in your locality and is suitable for any healthcare professional who has contact with people over the age of 16 and who has capacity to understand the survey.

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