We believe NHS England’s ambition for Personalised Care as set out in the Long-Term Plan presents an opportunity to address the pressures experienced within the health and care system today.

As a registered charity with over 16 years’ experience and one of the UK’s most experienced providers of peer-led self-management services, we work with statutory health and social care partners nationally.

We can:

  • Provide self-management courses that support people to achieve their goals for better long-term health
  • Work with Commissioners and health and care pathways to deliver the 6 elements of the Universal Personalised Care comprehensive model
  • Train, coach and support healthcare professionals to understand their role in supporting people with long-term health conditions and how they can use the Patient Activation Measure tool to increase patients activation levels
  • Work with health and care teams to design, implement and evaluate personalised care infrastructures

What we achieve, retention rates:

  • Average improvement in PAM score = 3.9
  • Average number recruited to a course = 12
  • 15 hours contact with Self Management UK & Peers v 4 hours average with healthcare team/year

Where we have managed to track clinical usage pre- and post-course attendance, we have seen:

  • A 57% reduction in unplanned A&E admissions
  • A 22% reduction in GP visits

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact [email protected] or phone Sarah on 07500 039696.