We believe that a person with Diabetes should have access to the highest quality of self-management support.
·         4.6 million people living with Diabetes nationally
·         Type 2 Diabetes currently costs the NHS £8.8 billion each year.
·         The number of people diagnosed with Diabetes has doubled in the last 20 years.
Now in our 16th year, we are one of the most experienced providers of self-management services nationally, supporting more than 152,000 people since our inception in 2002.
Our outcomes from courses delivered across Surrey and the Isle of Wight over the last 5 years are compelling and offer a cost effective approach to supporting a person with Diabetes to self-care (measures taken for each participant at 6 months post course attendance):
·         Average weight loss                                                       10.5kg
·         Average reduction in HbA1c mmol/mol                 40%
·         Maximum weight loss recorded                               43kg
See this leaflet for more information.
Bench marking our outcomes places us as one of the most successful providers nationally, something we are able to achieve by ensuring our services are co-produced, peer led and person-centred.
If you would like to know more about our services, please contact [email protected]uk.org, or phone Sarah on 07500 039696.