Patient Activation

Patient activation’ describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a person has in managing their own health and care. Evidence shows that when people are supported to become more activated, they benefit from better health outcomes, improved experiences of care and fewer unplanned care admissions.

Patient activation is of particular importance to the 15 million people living with long-term conditions (LTCs) who rely, more than most, on NHS services and was identified as one of the key enablers within the NHS England Five Year Forward View. By understanding people’s activation levels, interventions can be tailored or targeted to support people with LTCs in ways appropriate to their individual needs. The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) is a tool that enables healthcare professionals to understand a patient’s activation level, or their level of knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their LTC.

Self management uk, a registered charity with 15 years’ experience, is an approved provider of training for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) by Insignia Health who developed the PAM tool.

Peer tutors

We use peer-tutors with lived experience of long-term conditions to deliver the courses. Our peer-tutors identify real experience of the challenges people with long-term conditions face and how HCPs can communicate effectively with people to become better activated in their own health.

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